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What is elvinyl?

elvinyl is a new music Marketplace and archive created by Richard Morton Jack and Jules Elvins.

Why should I use elvinyl?

At elvinyl we aim to make collecting more straightforward than ever, with transparency, honesty and accuracy at the centre of our philosophy. As a seller you can quickly list your records with high-quality photos, and as a buyer you can be confident you’ll get what you’ve paid for.

We also share rare information about all sorts of music in eldorado, which our members have completely free access to. It’s the only resource of its sort on the internet, and we're constantly adding vintage press releases, adverts, posters and more to it. We hope it will become the first place you'll go to learn more about the artists you love.

How do I sell on elvinyl?

Search for an artist, a record or a label. Once you find the Master for the record you want to sell, look at the Versions beneath. If it’s already in our Library, click 'Sell Your Copy' and follow the instructions from there. If your Version isn’t yet in the Library you can easily add it, then sell it at the end of that short process. (If a Master isn’t listed, contributing your Version will automatically generate it.)

How much does it cost to sell on elvinyl?

It’s free to list records and to buy on elvinyl. We charge 5% commission on the item price.

Can I add photos to a record I’m selling?

Yes! High-quality imagery underpins everything on elvinyl. We encourage our users to take the best possible images (preferably flat, against a white background) before adding them to our Library, Marketplace or both. Images of inner sleeves, inserts, spines and other details are all welcome too.

How do I buy on elvinyl?

Search for an artist, an album or single or a label. Once you find the Master for a record you want to buy, look at the Versions below. If a copy is available in our marketplace, you can buy it from there. Immediate payment is required in order for a record to disappear from our Marketplace; when the transaction is concluded, you are encouraged to leave feedback.

Can I contact a seller?

Yes - every listing in the Marketplace has a ‘contact seller’ button so you can easily request more information to help you make the most informed purchase possible.

What happens if a record I want isn’t available?

You can easily add it to your Wantlist and will be notified immediately when a copy does come up for sale. If a record you want has not yet been added to the Library, you are warmly encouraged to contribute it, then add it to your Wantlist.

How do I access eldorado?

You will find ‘eldorado’ buttons throughout the site, leading you to relevant content for any given record. You can also filter your search by ‘eldorado’, helping you find any record with eldorado content attached.

Is anything in eldorado for sale?

No - eldorado is purely for reference and enjoyment.

Can I contribute to elvinyl?

Yes, please! We welcome all contributions to our Library. You will be automatically credited for adding anything you add. Please be sure to emphasise anything you think a collector might wish to know about a record (inner sleeve, insert, differentiating factors from other Versions and so on). If an existing Master or Version in the Library has no images attached to it, you can submit yours. We also welcome eldorado content – please email any material to 

How do I get in touch?

elvinyl needs your help to grow and become a place you feel a part of, so please start buying, selling and adding your records at once - and if you have any comments, questions or suggestions, don’t hesitate to drop an email to or contact us through the online form here. If you need advice or recommendations on discovering new music, let us know about it here. If you're not sure what record player to purchases, we can give adivce here.



The Library is our database of records, from which you can find records you want to buy or sell. When a record is listed for sale for the first time, it’s automatically added to the Library.


The Master is the source from which all Versions of a record stem. Each Master is illustrated by the most familiar version of a record’s artwork, as well as basic information (year of original release and country of origin).


All Versions belong to a Master, and are differentiated based on date, country of release, format and mix. You can easily filter your search to find the Version you wish to buy or sell.


This is the area of the site where you can buy and sell records.


This is the list of desired records that every user is encouraged to keep (by clicking the ‘Add To Wantlist’ button that appears beside every Version in the Library). When something in your Wantlist appears in the Marketplace, you will be alerted immediately.


This is the section of the site that contains rare materials relating to specific records. Nothing in eldorado is for sale, but it is all freely accessible.